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if I were a boy

Honestly, sometimes I wish I were a boy… a good pair of jeans, an array of cool-yet-comfy t-shirts, everyday sneakers, a makes-dorky-cool backpack…

Stumbled across this website: BERTO – it’s got loads of cool clothes which I would wear if I were a boy. Effortless style…

yo, pick up your trash boy!

I guess it’s back to pretty dresses and high heels. Sigh… life is hard! 😉

Love shad.


the stuff dreams are made of.

vera wang

vera wang always creates these dresses that make me swoon into a giddy state.

happily high (:

The belt bow

Although I’m pretty certain I’d never get away with wearing this belt (let alone the entire ensemble), I still think it’s brilliant.

From: Phillip Lim’s Spring ’09 Collection
Source: Coutorture

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