We tried out tandem biking around the botanical gardens today. Started a little rusty, but after some persistence, we were pros by the end… kinda. Anyways, we had the best time and it will definitely be something I’ll remember forever. Spontaneity is the best!

Happy birthday mesh. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for you. I’m so blessed to have someone like you in my life!


if I were a boy

Honestly, sometimes I wish I were a boy… a good pair of jeans, an array of cool-yet-comfy t-shirts, everyday sneakers, a makes-dorky-cool backpack…

Stumbled across this website: BERTO – it’s got loads of cool clothes which I would wear if I were a boy. Effortless style…

yo, pick up your trash boy!

I guess it’s back to pretty dresses and high heels. Sigh… life is hard! 😉

Love shad.

the best people to do life with (:

so pretty…

tommorrow, i’m going…

where there is no…




If I am not back by Friday, Please come and find me!

Love, rosie

the stuff dreams are made of.

walking on sunshine

Easily the photo of the week.

[ Photo by: albess ]

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